Our Customized Approach Gets You Results

Our customized call center solutions are designed to scale to your changing demands. We enable clients to streamline business customer support, reduce contact center expenses, and gather critical business intelligence data.

What Can Be Tailored to Your Organization's Customer Support Needs?

We optimize our workforce to match your requirements and budget. Our services include contact center operations, manufacturing, retail, and digital accessibility testing. Clients receive outsourced support, custom reporting, and a pricing structure created entirely for them.

What sets us apart

Whether you have an established call center or are launching a new one, our contact center expertise can be of value to your organization.

Clients get the added satisfaction of knowing we generate jobs and programs that support people with visual impairments and other disabilities.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology saves you money by helping us resolve call requests quickly.

An Innovative Approach to Customer Care

The latest advanced technology enables Lighthouse agents to excel at even the most complex workflows. You can rest assured knowing a devoted team will fulfill your goals and promote customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Good service is good business. Happy customers are ones that keep coming back.

Proven Results For Business

How do we measure our workforce advantage? By our unusually low staff turnover. Our contact center attrition rate is a mere 7.2%, as compared with a 45% industry average.

Who says you can’t maximize your bottom line while making a social impact?

Our revenue recovery efforts are aimed at saving you money by reducing your operational inefficiencies.

How Lighthouse Has Redefined Customer Service

Our state-of-the-art customer care centers prioritize communication and problem-solving skills. This produces agents who are highly engaged and responsive to the needs of callers.


Needs Assessment

Analyze your unique contact center needs



Solutions Design

Design and implement your own access operating model


Technical Implementation

Advanced technologies enable improved access workflows


Staff Training

High retention rate lets us refine agent skills over time