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Redefining Customer Service

Studies show that 2 out of 3 customers would abandon a brand after a poor customer service interaction.

Our unique approach to contact center staffing ensures that experienced and courteous agents are making real connections with your customers. By focusing on the retention of our workforce, we reduce training and operational costs, providing a competitively priced solution with industry-leading outcomes.

Contact Sales

Why Does Contact Center Retention Matter So Much?

Contact centers are typically an environment with extraordinarily high staff turnover. For other contact centers, the leadership staff spend most of their time coaching and training inexperienced agents on the basics of call handling. However, the high retention rate among Lighthouse staff allows our contact center leadership to refine soft skills and problem-solving approaches over time, resulting in seasoned agents that are more engaged and responsive to the needs of your customers.

Measuring Our Workforce Advantage

The image below illustrates a two-column chart. The first chart titled Our Mission-Related Attrition has a value of 7.21%. The second chart titled, Industry Average Attrition has a value of 45%.

Infographic image showing our attirion rate compared to industry standard. See previous section for more information

How do People with Vision Impairments Do the Work?

Lighthouse staff uses state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions to perform all aspects of contact center work. All adaptive technologies are fully funded and maintained by The Chicago Lighthouse, and these costs are never passed on to our clients. Whether your requirements include interaction with a knowledgebase, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), or other proprietary system—Lighthouse agents excel at even the most complex workflows. Lighthouse agents who are blind utilize industry-leading software that translates visual information into speech. Our agents utilize JAWS (Job Access With Speech) to process information from their computer at 300-500 words per minute, enabling them to complete their contact center work efficiently while callers are entirely unaware of any workflow accommodation

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Lighthouse agents who are blind utilize the JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reader to translate computer interface elements and data into audio feedback that the user hears through a headset. This software uses complex keyboard shortcuts that enable blind staff to move around applications quickly and efficiently.

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Screen Magnifiers

Lighthouse agents who have low vision utilize ZoomText to complete their work effectively. ZoomText provides screen magnification and a number of color customizations to improve digital visibility for any Windows or web application, so agents with low vision can use applications effectively.